Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Suddenly Decided I Needed Stripes

Sometimes my reasoning for doing something isn't always great. 

Painting a wall just because I think my Christmas decor will love it may not make sense to the common person but to makes complete and utter sense. 

That's why I sported all yellow one night, as you on Instagram saw, and started painting my stairwell white. 

We had redone our basement about 4 1/2 years ago, pre-blogging and pre-knowing what our style was. Our goal was to keep things safe so that they would stand the test of time...YEAH RIGHT. We made it boring. It was beige on beige on more beige. Beige carpet, beige furniture and beige walls. 

It needs a little spice, a little life, and a little more fun put into. 

The picture doesn't do justice to show how abused that stairwell was. The wall was all dinged up, marked up beyond the help of a magic eraser and was just blah looking. 

In this next picture you can see the contrast of colours and how much a layer of simple white could make such a difference.

After painting it white, I marked out 8 inch stripes from the top of the wall and then taped them using some Frogtape and Scotch tape.

Then I painted every other stripe the same grey that we painted the upstairs (Dophin Fin by Behr)

Psst...don't mind that ugly cabinet at the bottom of the stairs. It needs a lot of help too. Maybe he'll see a little makeover some day too.

white and grey stripes

I love it when this little guy photobombs my shots. He's all that is sweet and naughty at the same time!

To add a little festivity to the bottom of the stairs I tacked one of my wreaths to the fabric covered canvases I used for my Autumn shelf. 

striped stairwell

Christmas Wreath

The stripes make me happy and that's all that matters!

When I sit and watch TV, I love to look over and look at the stripes and smile. 




  1. Love the wall and your spontaneous nature!!

  2. ha! sometimes you just need stripes! love your stripes and your photobomber :)


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